Join Our Webinar To Ramp Up Sales Post-Covid

In this webinar we are sharing some great content to help your technology company increase sales, and set up an automated lead generation and sales process.

The webinar is co-hosted by Charles Alvarez and Jan Rautenbach, and we will cover the following content:

Do you want more sales for your technology company? Join us on this webinar and ramp up your post COVID sales! We will discuss the best way to generate leads, schedule demos, and convert demos into sales in an effective manner. The webinar will be co-hosted by Jan Rautenbach and Charles Alvarez. This webinar will have actionable content, that you could go away and implement immediately! These are some of the topics we will be covering:

  • Has the traditional sales function become extinct, due to self-service web-based business models?
  • B2B Sales Approach – It’s about relationships. Everyone says so but how do you practically do it especially remotely?
  • The best channels for B2B lead generation
  • Define your customer – Duh… it sounds simple but it goes a little deeper
  • The process to follow and how to automate it

Qualifying Following up! Many sales people give up after 2 follow-ups where most sales occur between 7 and 10 follow-ups. The close, which can be as simple as asking for the sale believe it or not! And much more! This session will be full of great content and we will address all your questions as well. Register now by clicking on the button below, and see you on the webinar!

More About Your Hosts

Charles Alvarez

Charles is a veteran entrepreneur and a former Accenture consultant. After Accenture, Charles started a financial services firm and quickly ramped it up to over $1m in sales in 7 years and successfully exited the business in 2011. He then started Cornerstone Growth Solutions, focused on B2B marketing and sales for technology companies, and has produced some awesome results for his clients. Cornerstone’s program has helped over 300 clients increase sales by $306 million.

Jan Rautenbach

For the past 10 years, Jan Rautenbach has consulted with businesses in technology, finance, eLearning, marketing and more specifically specializing in marketing services for technology businesses. Jan has 30 years’ business experience, having started and grown a successful software business for 20 years, developing and deploying successful implementations into companies such as Puma, Reebok South Africa and Reebok India, and many others. He was also a franchisee of the year for 3 years running for a computer learning franchise for children, in the late ’90s. That is where he discovered his passion for marketing.