Not every marketing channel works for every business or industry. We can help you analyse what will work best for your business by ensuring your marketing strategy makes business sense and provides a return on investment. We provide two types of services, namely consulting or full execution, or a combination of these. If you have an internal marketing team we can assist your team and work with them.
We consult with you and provide advice on your marketing strategy, by first finding out more about:
  • Your business and ideal potential customers
  • Your business model, selling values, margins
  • What you are currently doing and what is working and what not
We examine your existing strategy and advise on improvements or even a completely new approach, based on the latest industry standards We look at leveraging all effort into a comprehensive strategy, for example leveraging existing content into marketing activities, ensuring uniform branding and messaging. Examine conversion rates and suggest improvements

AI Advertising Tool

We analyze client requirements, and come up with a data mining and advertising targeting solution. We can provide client with improved targeting, engagement and lead conversion results using our unique methodology.
  • Use existing data to run machine learning on historic behavior and identify buying behaviors.
  • Sourcing prospects using social media and other data sources.
  • Optimize media budgets by removing low propensity audiences.
Most systems only optimize against performance of existing creative, meaning that every campaign needs time to learn, optimize and then burn out. Our aim is to collect the learnings from every campaign to improve the next. We believe that Linguistic inference is the key to understanding the WHY of positive or negative performance, not only WHAT performed. Please view the following sample profile report to see the outcomes of the type of inferencing we can obtain from social media profiles using this technology.



Our Omni-Presence media placement solution is an extension of our press release service. Articles, videos, audio clips and slides are posted on over 300 high authority media sites internationally, the effect of which gives your business not only exposure and huge credibility, but also lets you rank on the first page of Google organically thereby generating free traffic.


Please see the attached diagram. Our team first researches (with you) what type of articles and content to create. The content is created in the form of news articles, YouTube and Vimeo videos, audio clips and slide shows.
This content is then syndicated and posted all over the Internet on very high authority sites. Google rate these sites highly due to their authority. These authority sites then link back to your website. The articles and videos rank within a day or two on page 1 of Google, and your website eventually starts ranking also on page 1 for the key terms used. After a few months (sometimes within a month) your site will also rank on the Google “3-Pack”, namely in the maps business listings section, where normally only 3 businesses visibly rank.


The results of campaigns like this provides the following outcomes:
  • The credibility of the company is raised significantly, especially while people are researching a solution or product or supplier choice.
  • The articles and content about your company, product, service ranks on page 1 of Google within a day or two.
  • The company website starts ranking on Page 1 of Google within a few months, sometimes within a month depending on the competitiveness of the keyword. This service is GAURANTEED!
  • The company, product or service ranks within the Google 3-pack, within 1 to 6 months, again depending on the competitiveness of the keyword. This is GAURANTEED as well.
  • Your company, product or service appears almost EVERYWHERE, and this is why we refer to it as “OMNI-PRESENCE”.
This let’s your business stand out, and is especially helpful in a competitive or price sensitive industry.


Not at all!: After the initial consultation, our experienced team does all the work, including writing the articles, creating the videos, blog posts, audio posts, and then gets these placed through our agreements with over 300 high authority media sites.


No! The traffic and phone calls generated from this strategy is organic therefor free!


No, it is far more than SEO. You end up ranking high on Google similar to what a good SEO strategy would provide, however, you are also featured prominently on many high authority websites, also raising your business credibility significantly. In addition, syndication placements of articles, and the ranking results are GUARANTEED using our strategy.



It is the most used platform for generating B2B leads out of all other social media platforms, per recent digital marketing surveys. Use some LinkedIn


  • A highly valuable network on LinkedIn, of decision makers of companies in CT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS’s target market, is consistently built at the rate of 300 to 500 per month. After one year, there will be over 5,000 high value connections connected to your profile, that could be reached out to, marketed to and have conversations with.
  • Quality Leads of individuals ready to start conversations with the client. CT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS can expect to engage these prospects to lead to business.
  • The number of leads generated and the close rate will depend on the type of business, demand, competition and the client’s sales process.
  • The expectation is to generate approximately 10 to 15 or more good quality leads per month, although this might take more than a month to achieve.


A full “Profile Makeover” service, including the following:
  • Consultation with client to define Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Creation of appropriate graphic to replace standard LinkedIn “blue” profile background
  • Drafting and setting up profile summary to articulate USP and services to resonate to ideal target clients.

Targeted Ideal Client review process consultation for example:

A full “Profile Makeover” service, including the following:
  • Import/Export companies
  • e-Commerce businesses
  • Construction Industry
  • Mining related Industry
  • Company sizes 5 to 25 is ideal, although the exact LinkedIn targeting is 11 to 50 employees

Create and agree Message Templates

  • Targeted LinkedIn search and connection requests – 75 Per Day (1,500 Per Month)
  • Clear Invitations older than 30 days
  • Send Welcome message
  • Respond to LinkedIn notifications; Birthday, New Job, Work Anniversary, Endorsements
Our plan includes sending campaign messages to the existing connections, that fits CT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS’s targeted profile, to unlock “low hanging fruit”; those people that may already be connected that may need CT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS’s services. The service will be reviewed for months 4 onwards to possibly also send and post valuable content, in order to stay top of mind with connections.


No! We want happy, content clients! If you feel at any time that you are not getting value, you are welcome to leave. Having said that, you should be prepared to commit to the service for at least 3 months, as it takes time to build your profile and generate results. After a few months, with the engagement generated you will find that you will consistently get good quality leads. That is not to say you will not get leads from month1 – simply that it takes time to build momentum. Even so – we do not keep you leashed for 3 months – if you feel that this will not work for you we do NOT want to force you to stay on the program.


We are excited to work with CT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, helping you grow your business, and love the fact that your business is so unique.

To implement the service, we need the following:
  • Sign off the Customer Agreement below
  • Company details and billing information
  • Client questionnaire – we provide a detailed questionnaire to be completed – (some questions we complete for you based on information you have already shared – but needs to be checked and confirmed)
  • Information such as your unique selling proposition, target industries, roles within companies/organisations, search terms need to be filled in the questionnaire
  • LinkedIn login details
  • Article topics for the first 2 months


  • DEFINITION OF A LEAD: LinkedIn is a B2B networking website that is not affiliated with the Services or the Company. Connections generated by the Services are defined as people who connect with, message or otherwise network with you through the LinkedIn website during the time while Services are being provided, whether they are ultimately determined by you to be interested or not interested in your product or services. These connections create a valuable marketing list to which you may market your product or services forever. Leads are those people that respond by messaging an intent or a request for a meeting or call.
  • BILLING ENTITY: You are being billed by Kvell Pty Ltd (“Company”), the parent company which provides the Done for You Leads service.
  • KNOWLEDGE OF LINKEDIN TERMS AND CONDITIONS: That you have read and understand the LinkedIn terms and conditions as presented by LinkedIn at this web address or any web address they may choose now or in the future > and further that you understand these terms and conditions as they relate to the services provided by us.
  • LINKEDIN ACCOUNT ACCESS: That you grant permission to Company and its employees and contractors to access your LinkedIn account(s) in order to provide the Services you have purchased until cancelled.
  • MINIMUM PAYMENT TERM: That you will/have pay/paid for and allow us to complete the minimum term of Service that you agreed to at the point of sale which is One (1) Months, although you acknowledge that you need to allow at least Three (3) Months to thoroughly assess the service.
  • NO REFUNDS POLICY: That you are paying for the Services in advance and you will not request, nor will you be granted any refund for Services rendered.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: You may cancel the Services only after completing your minimum commitment term which is One (1) Months, by contacting company at Restricting Company access to your LinkedIn account by changing your password or other means will not change your minimum commitment term even though it restricts our ability to render Services as agreed.
  • PROMOTIONAL SERVICES POLICY: You are being provided Services which normally have added cost above your payment. If you elect to continue these Services beyond the promotional period, there may be added costs that require additional payment from you to continue Services.
  • DEFINITION OF SERVICES: The services basically involve the Company accessing your LinkedIn account and performing a variety of activities on your behalf designed to get targeted members of the LinkedIn community to connect and network with you for the ultimate purpose of furthering your personal and/or business goals. Targeting is subject to the performance of the LinkedIn database and software and subject to any omissions or inaccuracies related to members supplied profile information. Services may also include emailing certain LinkedIn members who have connected with you for the further purpose of networking and furthering your personal and/or business goals.
  • USE OF PAYMENT METHOD OTHER THAN YOUR OWN: If you have used a credit card, debit card, PayPal or any other form of payment (for the Done for You Leads service) that is owned by another person, Company, partner or entity, that you have fully informed that person of this purchase and they are governed by this Agreement as signified by their signature at the end of this Agreement. You also verify that they will not claim no knowledge of this purchase or its purpose and will not report this charge as fraudulent in the future.
  • You understand and agree that you will remain solely responsible for interacting with (and closing) all LinkedIn message responses of leads showing an interest and of course answering all calls, emails and meetings booked on your online calendar. This is a virtual networking service designed to target and enable you to rapidly prospect many leads each month.
  • Your service level program cost is as per the attached proposal for setup and monthly fee until cancelled
  • Prices are in Australian dollars and exclude taxes