Art and Science of B2B Communicating

The art of storytelling sometimes gets lost with the rise of inbound marketing, recommendation algorithms, and search optimization. We consume so much data that these signals can easily overpower our storytelling, and we start acting and responding like machines. Nevertheless, public relations, content creation, and social media have little impact if they aren’t optimized for …

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B2B Marketing Trends For 2023-2024

From the innovative to the tried and tested, anyone looking to amplify and influence their sales growth from 2023-2024 must focus on the new trends that have emerged over the past few years. We are constantly faced with the age-old dilemma of how to influence people to buy. Those knowledgeable and creative copywriters will always …

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How CRMs Help Build the Solutions and Profits      

How CRMs Help Build the Solutions and Profits    The Foundation Stone. At its foundation, customer relationship is straightforward but the essential focus any company could start to strategize a foundation. Implementing social media, mail, websites, telephone calls, chat, and many marketing materials and tools is not simple. With indispensable CRM’s diversity, it does not …

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Strategies for Retaining Customers

One-and-done marketing doesn’t cut it. It often takes five or more times the amount of resources for businesses to find and keep customers. Toretain customers in to-days competitive market, we all need to foster lasting and meaningful relationships with existing customers. Rewarding and appreciating your supportive customers is where it all starts – look after …

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