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In this article in my series of “Making Sense of Online Marketing Options”, I would like to discuss LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

LinkedIn is a powerful business to business platform and it can be used as a very effective way of reaching almost anyone in the world!

There is no other platform where you could actually try and connect with and even send a message to people to top people in your industry.

Having said that, it is also hugely important not to be invasive and spammy when reaching out to people.

To show the enormous power of LinkedIn, I would like to mention as an example a client that develops custom software solutions.

We decided early on that the only viable option due to budget restraints was a focused LinkedIn outreach and content strategy.
They were looking for c level executives in large medium sized and corporate companies.
The ideal project size ranged from $200,000 up to about $2m that they were looking to engage clients on.

At the time they had only one prospect they were working on

Within 2 months they had 5 hot prospects (not leads) and a total of 15 high quality leads to work on.

LinkedIn, if used strategically can be extremely effective to reach out to and introduce your business to the right decision makers in the right positions in the type o organisations your target market is in.


    • You sell to other businesses

    • You can identify the industries you are targeting

    • You can identify the position within a company as the right decision maker or likely “champion” to engage

    • You have a large enough transaction size service or product, or high customer life time value

Although it is possible to succeed on LinkedIn without a premium subscription, the Sales Navigator premium subscription is great, as it enables to target companies by employee size as well as a number of other options.

To use LinkedIn successfully as an outreach prospecting tool does require some time and effort, even if some automation tools are used. You need to be consistent and also consistently post valuable content so that your connected audience are constantly reminded that you exist, and you build trust through this process.

There are services such as ours that offer a “done for you” service that effectively automates all this work on the client’s behalf, and the client simply follows up with people that are interested in their service or want to engage further.

If you have a strong compelling message or offer, you could also use LinkedIn’s advertising tool, by placing sponsored posts and adverts in front of your specified target audience.

If you would like to find out more about LinkedIn as an effective business to business marketing tool, please feel free to contact us by filling in the form.

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