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Who We Are


Kvell provides fully-managed lead generation, appointment setting, database solutions, and digital marketing services.

We help businesses reach their target customers and expand into their target markets in Australia and the United States by creating and executing integrated marketing programs designed to:

Build Connections

Build connections with key decision-makers in your target companies

Start conversations

Start conversations with the right prospects across different channels

Boost conversions

Boost conversions through consistent, data-driven touches

We Achieve this by Following these Steps


We Prepare

  • Determine your ideal customer
  • Understand your unique selling proposition
  • Understand your solution and how it helps your customers

Our Team Gets to Work

  • Generates leads using various channels, including LinkedIn and emailing
  • Nurtures and builds relationships with these leads
  • Set up demonstration meetings to demonstrate your solution, either ourselves
    or interacting with your sales engineers.

Together We Finalize

  • Create and deliver proposals with your final input
  • Follow up!
  • You can close sales – or we can complete the sales process.

Why Outsource Your Sales to us?


Our salespeople are experienced consultants and are used to selling complex high-ticket technology solutions to corporate, small and medium-sized companies.

Our solution makes perfect financial sense. Using us is less expensive for you and more effective than setting up your own sales force. Your costs could easily mount up as it could be months before you know whether you have the right team, especially with long sales cycles.

Our solution costs less than half your internal cost, and all our activities are transparent to you.

We can also operate as an extension of an existing sales team and assist with training and managing sales staff on your behalf.

Another option is to start the process and hand over the sales process to you once you are ready to take it in-house. Talk to us, and we will find a solution that suits you!

How Does It Work?


Ideal Customer

We first get to know and understand your solution and ideal customer and help articulate your unique selling proposition.


We determine the best and most cost-effective way to generate the most effective leads, considering how you create sales.

Plan Together

We set up a process to generate leads using channels such as LinkedIn, email marketing, and, depending on your business Facebook, Youtube and Google.

Setup CRM

We setup a lead management process and automation to capture leads into a CRM system.

Generate Leads

We build relationships with these leads and turn them into prospects by calling them and creating appointments and meetings

We operate as one of your employees or teammembers, using your email,domain, company profile and branding. We are part of your internal staff.

We set up email sequences, leverage your content, or create content when needed to keep nurturing leads with valuable educational content, building trust.

We pick up the phone, call potential leads, turn leads into prospects, and further build relationships.

We arrange demonstrations, and depending on your solution, we would either demonstrate your solution overselves or interact and coordinate with your staff for more complex solutions.

We create proposals with your input, deliver these, overcome objections, and close the sale if you require it.

We provide weekly activity sheets so you know exactly what we have done and what the sales pipeline looks like.


What makes us Unique

We produce happy customers. Content curation is a cost-effective way to position you as an expert and thought leader in your field, making people optimistic about talking to you because they also see you as someone that shares value.
By carefully checking every profile first, we ensure we connect to more people who are likely interested in your products or services, leading to more business for you.

Consistency, Maximum leverage of your LinkedIn profile, maximizes results with enormous time saving for you:
Our complete done-for-you service saves you hours a day, ensures your LinkedIn outreach and content are done continuously, and frees you to concentrate on your business and only those messages that will likely lead to sales.


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